Comedians to watch on Netflix

Are you a fan of comedy and have a Netflix account, or using your parents account? If yes, then you should watch Jim Jefferies: Freedumb. First, Jefferies is an offensive comedian with vulgar language. There are no limits between him giving an interesting take on American politics (he’s Australian) or making Bill Cosby rape jokes. If this doesn’t seem funny to you, then disregard his show. While most stand-ups are 100% laxed and pure entertainment, during one part of his show, he gets serious explaining possibly outcomes from immigrants if Donald Trump were elected (this was released prior to the election. While it gets serious, Jefferies is able to come right back to making light of a situation and getting his audience on their feet.

Another comedian to watch is Iliza Schlesinger: Freezing Hot. I’m a woman who is (honestly) not a major fan of women comedians. That was until I listened to Schlesingers stand-up. Her show is based around the difficulties of being a woman, trying to date, trying to act like the stereotypical ditsy girl on a date with a strong man. Although her show is based on stereotypes, all women know at least one woman like the person Schlesinger is talking about, which is what makes her jokes so hilarious.

One of the last comedians to take a look at is DeAnne Smith. While she is not on Netflix, she is one to keep an eye out for. She givers her perspective on life through a lesbians point of view. Some of her comedy is hit and miss. One of her best jokes is about how straight men need to step their game up when it comes to keeping their women happy.

Let me know if you watch and enjoy some of these comedians I mentioned!


Why is can be harder to lose a pet than your parent or sibling

After taking a summer course on the Sociology of Death and Dying, one topic that stood out to me what was how it can be harder to lose your pet compared to losing a parent or sibling. I have never doubted that animals, such as dogs and cats, were considered family members, but I have come from a family where I was deprive of sharing a special bond with a fury four legged friend.

In an article on Business Insider, a man tells his painful story of how he and his wife had to put down their beloved dog, Murphy. In this story, Frank tells how animals provide their human with real unconditional love. In this case, dogs do not talk back to you, they do not judge you. the are not capable and do not care about your religious beliefs or sexual orientation. They just ask for love and to feed them occasionally.  Dogs are just always happy to see their human as soon as you walk through the garage door after a hard day of work. IMG_9493

To push point even further , imagine your morning routine of brushing your teeth, putting clothes on, and you last step is putting shoes on. Every time you sit down to put your shoes on, your dog puts its nose under your hand, begging for a single pet stroke. You abide because you’re no devil. Imagine doing this every morning for 13 years, expecting that gentle caress of love toward your beloved animal. After 13 years, that adds up to 4,745 pet strokes, then one day your pet is not there.

After having to put your pet down, you do not get that amazing greet when arriving home from work. You don’t have that snuggle buddy on the couch. You don’t continue on with that loving caress in the morning while putting your shoes on. You don’t have that unconditional love your furry friend provided.

When you get home today, give that four legged friend a pet, kiss, hug, and maybe even a treat if they’ve been a good boy or girl!


Enterprise Rent-A-Car Internship

During the summer of 2016, I was one of 26 people to be accepted into Enterprise Rent-A-Car Management Trainee Internship. I applied for this position because I thought it could help me find out what I would like to do with my life, I was tired of working in a deli after two years, and it was paid. After a phone interview and an in person interview, I was chosen to participate in this wonderful three month learning experience.

Going into this internship, I had no clue what to expect. During a day of training at their headquarters in Louisville, talent directors express what their expectations were of their interns, which consisted of dressing in professional attire, when selling make sure you get at least three ‘No’s,’ show concern and compassion to customers realizing they could come from just having a wreck, and keep a positive and competitive attitude.


Even after this introduction to what was expected of us, I still was not clear on how the average work day would go. I had never rented a car, let alone driven anyone else’s car besides my 18 year old mini van and my mothers SUV. After just two days on the job, I was fixed with the task of driving someone back to their house that was a few minutes away from our branch. I drove a little Chevy Cruze, thinking it was the coolest thing since I was not used to nice, new cars.

After three months of driving all sorts of new, under 40,000 miles, cars ranging from a small Fiat 500 to a Chevy Suburban, I realized I was able to find features I liked and disliked. What cars were quality or garbage.

One of my favorite days of the internship was when my boss asked if I would mind driving a convertible Camaro to drop off at one branch and bring back a Mustang. Ummmm where are the keys, boss man?

Overall, this experience was one I will remember and will also be useful when dealing with future career skills. I was tasked with everything from vacuuming out a car, to going out and marketing, and getting businesses to push Enterprise over other rental car places. I was also able to make relationships that will help me in my future endeavors.

Last note: It seems a little silly to trust college students with news cars, especially sports cars. challenger

Hidden Mickey’s around Disney World

While most people go to Disney World for rides, attractions, and food, many do not know about the hidden Mickey’s scattered all around the parks and resorts. There are approximately over 800 hidden Mickey’s waiting to be found. So while you are bored in that 120 minute wait for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, take a look around and see if you can find a hidden Mickey (Hint: there’s one in the lobby between the doors that have marble panels, before entering the next room, there are two sets of three small circles in the floor tiles, unlike any of the other tile pieces in the room.)rock n roller coaster hidden mickey

Other areas to look for these hidden gems, is simply looking down at the carpet or floor below you. While some Mickey’s are obvious, others are not.


When I was in Disney World for 2017 Spring Break, I mentioned to my friends about the hidden Mickey’s. Because we were on a constant seek and find mission anywhere we went, it seemed as if we kept busy without an ounce of boredom. Even on every ride or attraction we went to, we would look for and hopefully spot that hidden Mickey, eventually yelling out “HIDDEN  MICKEY,” not caring who heard. Who knows, you might share your knowledge and spread some fun elsewhere! As a 22 year old in college, that was one of the best spring breaks I’ve ever had! I hope you have a blast searching hidden Mickey’s, too!IMG_9511.JPG